Traditional Singing Bowl S
Ø 11 cm
Traditional Singing Bowl M
approx. 15 cm
Traditional Singing Bowl L
approx. 19 cm
Traditional Singing Bowl XL
approx. 24 cm
Singing Bowls Set 3pcs
Singing bowl "S": Ø approx. 15 cm., weight 600-700 g
Singing bowl "M": Ø approx. 19 cm., weight 900 -1000 g
Singing bowl "L": Ø approx. 24 cm., weight 900-1000
Singing bowls 4pcs
Singing bowl "S": Ø approx. 11 cm., weight 300-500 g
Singing bowl "M": Ø approx. 15 cm., weight 600-700 g
Singing bowl "L": Ø approx. 19 cm., weight 900-1000 g
Singing bowl "XXL": Ø approx. 24 cm., weight 1700-1800 g
Tibetan meditation cymbals
approx. 7.5 cm, 1 pair
SINGING BOWLS Massage table
extra-wide, incl. accessories
Ayurveda Amla/Amalaki Powder, raw & organic, 40g
Ayurveda Brahmi Powder (raw & organic) 65g
Ayurveda Massage Table
Dimensions lying area: 202 x 80 cm
Height: 60 - 86 cm
Weight: 17 kg
Ayurveda padding: 30 mm
Load capacity: 240 kg (dynamic)
Scope of supply: Ayurveda massage table, protective cover made of PU synthetic leather (can be wiped off NOT washable) and Ayurveda (for Shiro Dhara)
Optional: Also order a washable protective cover made of SOFTSKIN
Colors: siena, burgundy, crema
Shirodhara bowl KERALA
2,5L Capacity
Shirodhara Stand
Timeless, Functional & Handmade
Height: 177 cm
Depth: 61 cm
Weight: approx. 18 kg
Stand: 61 cm long, 44 cm wide
Shirodhara Stand Drip Bowl
28 | 36 cm
Feel-good Kaash
Shell foot massage cup with handle
Kaash-shell FitVital
foot massage cup with handle
Pregnancy Massage Table
Lying area: 184x76cm
Height: 61-86.5cm
Weight: 18.5 kg
Upholstery: 76mm, two-ply
Load capacity: 240 kilos (dynamic)
Case size: 92x76x20cm
Color: crema (beige)
PU synthetic leather (oil-resistant, skin-friendly)
Electric Blanket Beurer
UB 90 150x80
Heating Blanket 3 Zone
- Designed to work four consecutive hours
- Timer from 10 to 60 minutes
- Automatic three-zone temperature programming from 20 ° C to 65 ° C manual and automatic
- Outside: 100% vinyl
- Inside: 100% polyester
- Antibacterial treatment
- Acoustic signal to indicate the beginning and the end of the treatment
- Dimensions: 170 x 160 cm
Luxe Heating Blanket
3 Long Biocompatible Infrared Zones with the following characteristics:

- 10 levels of heating per zone
- Waterproof
- notch for the neck
- Ultra light wadding with cocoon effect
- Back reinforcement to prevent marks in the back
- Control box 1 adjustable automatic program
- 3 timers (preheating + treatment period + rest period)
- End of delays indicated by audible beeps
- Boost button (25% overpower)
- Multilingual control
Thai Mattress
Yoga Matt
Heavy Duty Matt
Gel Pad Pro
Breathe Hole Gel Pad for Ultimate comfort
Herbal Neck Cushion
Herbal Ball Face
Massage to relax muscles on the facial areas.
Heavenly aroma rejuvenates and invigorates.
Stimulation of blood circulations.
Easy to use, hygiene and clean.
Herbal Ball Body
The aromatic scent to soothe and refresh tired bodies.
Relief muscular pain, muscular tension, muscle spasms.
Stimulating of blood circulations.
Relief internal discomforts and inflammations.
Good for your own use at home.
Herbal Eye Pillow
Relaxes muscles around the eyes
Reduces wrinkles due to eye tension
Heavenly aroma rejuvenates and invigorates
Hot and Cold Application
TheraPearl Eye Mask
HOT or COLD use
TheraPearl Body Pack
HOT or COLD use
TheraPearl Shoulder Cushion
HOT or COLD use
TheraPearl Body Strap
HOT or COLD use
Bath Tub Cushion
Empty Bottle 250ml
Set of 4 Empty Pump Bottles
Massage Oil Bottle Heater
Massage bottle Heater single
Ceramic Bottle Heater
High Temperature
Mud & Liquid Heater
Metal Spoon Spatula
Metal Large Flat Spatula
Metal Straight Spatula
Measuring Spoon
Reflexology Stone Stick
Reflexology Massage
Mini Set Massager
Effect and functions:
• Relaxing vibration massage for body, face and head
• Practical on / off switch

Technical specifications:
• Rubberized surface
• Waterproof

Mini 319 massage set (consisting of body, geisha and head massager)
Decorative storage cup
6x AAA batteries
operation manual
Massage Table Trolley
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Singing Bowls Set 3pcs

Singing bowl "S": Ø approx. 15 cm., weight 600-700 g Singing bowl "M": Ø approx. 19 cm., weight 900 -1000 g Singing bowl "L": Ø approx. 24 cm., weight 900-1000